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We are a leading provider of Home & Building Automation (HBA) solutions, specializing in the manufacturing and installation of innovative and user-friendly products that enhance comfort, convenience, and security in homes and businesses.

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Automate Your Home for Effortless Living: Scheduler, Timer, and Power Monitoring

  • Remote power switch control: Manage your home from anywhere.
  • Automated home routines: Set it and forget it with Scheduler and Timer.
  • Real-time and historical energy monitoring: Track usage and identify savings.
  • Power usage data reports: Stay informed and make smart energy decisions.


Intuitive Simplicity and AI Intelligence: Elevate Your Smart Home Experience

  • Fully featured app: Available on iOS and Android.
  • Real-time profile sync: Seamlessly manage your home from anywhere.
  • Quick favorites & smart groups: Organize and control with ease.
  • Intuitive UI: Simplicity meets power.
  • AI-enabled: Smart home automation made effortless.
  • Robust security with dedicated high-performance best servers.


Real-time Synchronization: Physical and Digital Controls Always in Sync

  • Effortless retrofitting: Transform your existing setup.
  • Dual control: Use physical switches or control from the app.
  • Real-time synchronization: Physical changes reflect instantly in the app.

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How It Works


Control the ambiance of your space with smart lighting solutions that adjust to your preferences and optimize energy consumption.


Control the speed, direction, and oscillation of your ceiling fans for optimal comfort and energy efficiency.


Safeguard your property with advanced security systems that provide real-time monitoring and alerts.

Energy Management

Turn on/off when you move in/out. Monitor and manage energy usage to reduce costs and promote sustainability.

Curtain & Blinds

Take control of your light & privacy! Automate curtains & blinds with silent motors or choose readymade manual/motorized blinds.

Digital Door Lock

Upgrade security & convenience! Integrate a digital door lock with a video door phone for keyless entry & visual verification of visitors.

Home Theater

Automate your home theater with speaker system & projector for a seamless, immersive movie night and family time.


Automate lights & features with motion, occupancy, wardrobe & step sensors for a smarter, more responsive home.

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